Monday, July 23, 2012

Allow myself to introduce.....myself.

I would like to take a few posts to introduce my little family, one by one, and give you the story of "us".

Let us start with me....

My name is Anna Marissa. I love crafting, sewing, and being creative. I love photography. I love online role playing games and really any kind of video games. I love to do things with my hands. I really think I would like to have a garden and plant flowers and tend to them and have them smell pretty and attract butterflies....but the reality of being in the sun, being covered in bugs and frying like a lobster makes me hesitate to try it. I enjoy thinking that there are so many things I would be awesome at, if I could just find the time and energy to get the ball rolling on any of it. I am a terrible procrastinator and probably suffer from a bit of adult ADD, so I usually take forever to start a project and then quickly get distracted and forget about it for up to months at a time. But, I absolutely love my life. I have two blood sisters who mean the world to me. We have grown so much closer than I ever could have imagined, and I am truly going to miss them with all my heart. I have 3 step-sisters and a step-brother, whom I am (usually) proud to call my family.

I have a great and supportive husband. We got married in 2006. And although we have been through a LOT as a young married couple, I think the trials put before us have just strengthened our bond. We have the two most beautiful little girls on the planet, Melia and Scarlett. ~*I will mostly refer to the girls by their nicknames (Monkey and PooPoo) to try to give them some semblance of privacy.*~

But let's go back a little further...

I was born on August 12, 1983 in Nuremberg, Germany to Cindy and Terry White. Dad was in the Army. I am the youngest of three girls. Amanda is roughly 7 years older than me, Amelia is about 4 years older.

We lived in Germany until just before my 7th birthday. My dad was discharged from the military, and we moved back to Indiana. My mom, my sisters, and I moved in with my grandparents (her parents) while my dad moved in with his parents. My 7 year old brain didn't know what that meant. But it was kind of cool to me that a few months later we got more brothers and sisters when my dad remarried.

I grew up in Portland, Indiana. I was in the marching band, I was German Club President for 3 years, and I was in the Student Exchange Club and Nation Honor Society. I "ran" track for a year and then suffered some ankle injuries that sidelined me to being Track Manager for 2 years. I mostly stayed home and did my homework. I wasn't insanely popular, didn't get invited to parties, didn't do anything bad or dangerous or anything that would at all have jeopardized my chances of getting a scholarship for college. I graduated from Jay County High School in 2001. Spent the summer volunteering at the Me's Zoo in Parker City where I got to spend my days playing and caring for a white tiger cub. I am not going lie and say that I didn't cry like a little girl the first time I got to pet was amazing...and I cried again when he bit my leg because I took food away form him. Thank God he was only a cub. I wanted to go to college to be a large exotic cat vet. It was my only dream. I was accepted to attend the only school I applied to, the great Purdue University, into their pre-vet program. I was extatic.

I quickly learned that college life on such a big campus wasn't for me. I was overwhelmed and under-motivated, going to class was boring and mundane. Going out and exploring the world with my best friend, Kimmie, was way more exciting. Alas, Purdue didn't think I was serious about being a vet anymore, and frankly, neither did I. I transfered to Ivy Tech and spent a year or so living with my sister, Amelia, and her family. I got a job I loved, working at Methodist Hospital downtown Indianapolis. I had a pretty sweet apartment that I was so proud of and really liked. For the first time, I felt like I was in a place where I could excel and was doing something that I truly enjoyed and loved. I probably could have done that job for the rest of my life and been perfectly happy.

Or so I thought......

**dun, dun, dddduuuunnnnnnnn......**

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hello, My name is Anna, and I am new to blogging.

I have decided that I want start a blog.

The purpose is to keep family and friends updated on our lives. We are planning a move from Indiana to Texas, and I am not sure how often we will be coming back.

I think this will be a fun way to make sure everyone who is interested will be able to keep "tabs" on us. 

I also plan to use this blog as a way to post about the things I create. I love to craft, sew, I dabble a little in photography, and I really like to bake. I am no expert in any area, far from it actually, but this will also serve as an outlet for my creativity. 

I hope you enjoy following me and our little family on this incredible journey. I will try to be entertaining and make this worth your time.