Saturday, February 2, 2013

This blog has met an early demise.

This is going to be the second to last post to this blog.

I started this blog with the intention of keeping our families and friends up to date on the happenings in our lives. I got lazy, and am a wee bit forgetful, so I slipped up.

Last night, I was laying in bed with our oldest daughter, listening to her quiet snores, crying silently as I thought of all the things I was planning to share with you all and it hit me, the story of this blog is now broken.

The man I have been unyieldingly faithful to for the past almost 8 years, has decided that he wants a divorce.

I logged in today, and was greeted by 4-5 posts that were in the midst of being written and were still unpublished. The story of my husband, the story of how we met and fell in love and got married, an introduction to both our beautiful little girls, and an update as to what our plans now are (since things had recently changed). But I realized that they weren't going to make sense anymore, since our lives don't make sense anymore. Yeah, I could still post about the girls, but it just doesn't feel right to do it here, under this name that is no longer true.

There are a lot of raw emotions, horrible details, and heartbreaking words that are now filling the pages of the story of our life. I don't think this blog is going to serve its purpose anymore.

I do plan to make another blog. Writing has always been an outlet that has helped me through many difficult times in my life. The new blog will be open, honest, raw, emotional, possibly offensive to some people at different times, heartbreaking, soulful, hopeful, optimistic, and as real as it can be. I will promise that I will try to be a better blogger. I need to do this for me, for my sanity. For strength. Determination. Empowerment. I will try to not be serious all the time, or too sad. I will try to inject some craftiness and some cuteness from the girls at regular intervals.

Maybe, just maybe my words and experiences could help someone else. Maybe I can help someone see the things that they are doing wrong in their marriage, and help them fix it before they travel down the path that I am now forced to walk down. Maybe not. Who knows.

We will see how it goes. I would be honored if you followed me to the new place...
I will let you know when I get it up and running...